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Alternative Financing For Small Business

Banks are "equity" lenders. That is, they prefer loans that are insured by something of value. For small business, that means capital and retained earnings. Of course, that might sound like a contradiction in terms, particularly when you're hoping to expand.

Banks also want to make a profit. Since the administrative costs of large and small loans are similar, it makes more sense to lend $100,000 or $200,000 to a larger company than $20,000 or $50,000 to a smaller company. Simply put - they'll make more profit.

Many small businesses are discovering that government funding provides a valid alternative. Some common questions:

Is government funding really available?

Canadian governments give out some $20 billion in grants and loans every year.

The government distributes money to companies they believe have the potential to succeed, and by succeeding drive the economy, create jobs, and yes, pay more taxes. Besides, these programs already use your taxes.

This common sense attitude applies not only to Canada but globally. The Canadian Overseas Council can assist your organization to explore national and international funding opportunities. We can also provide you with information on various study and entrepreneurial opportunities in Canada. 

For detail information please contact Canadian Overseas Council in your area. 




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