The Canadian universities and colleges offer programs that include credit and non-credit courses, certificate programs, and other educational opportunities in a variety of formats. 

Many of them offer courses via a broad array of distance learning media, including on-line/Internet, CD/DVD, satellite radio and television, videotape, and correspondence. An increasing number of institutions are offering degree programs for which a substantial portion of the coursework may be completed on-line.

What does the past President of University College of Cape Breton, Jacquelyn Thayer Scot, PhD, have to say pertaining to their Distance Education Programs?

"At University College of Cape Breton (UUCB), we are proud to deliver one of the largest number of Distance Education Programs in Nova Scotia. This year we continue to remove boundaries in post-secondary education and provide even more opportunities to study through UCCB.

Whether you are taking one course or many, you will experience the technology, personal attention and accessibility UCCB is known for. This year, we are pleased to offer more than 50 courses through our Distance Education Program, opening the world of learning even further.

In our commitment to provide the freedom and flexibility some of our students need, it is now possible to complete our Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS) degree, a Certificate in Public Administration and post-diploma courses for a Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Studies) degree all through Distance Education. You may also choose to complete our new Master of Education (Information Technology) [MEd (IT)] degree or the Diploma in Education (technology) graduate program, completely through distance".

The COSC is your quick link to many Canadian  providers of continuing education courses and programs designed to meet the needs of the non-traditional student.

Information CFUW

Founded in 1919, The Canadian Federation of University Women, is a voluntary, non-profit, self-funded bilingual organization of over 10,000 women university graduates. CFUW/FCFDU members are active in public affairs, working to raise the social, economic and legal status of women, as well as to improve education, the environment, peace, justice and human rights.

Members belong to 123 clubs in every province in Canada CFUW/FCFDU is one of the 71 member affiliates of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW/FIFDU) and its 180,000 members. CFUW/FCFDU is a Non-Government Organization with consultative status to the United Nations (ECOSOC).

International Institute for Change Management (IICM) is an international on site facilitator for many Canadian Educational Institutions overseas. IICM provides an on site infrastructure with qualified staff to assist foreign students, reference libraries and administration facilities. 





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The Canadian Overseas Development Council and it's associate NGO organizations are providing a wide range of International Assistance Programs.  Registered in Canada under N.S and Ontario Societies Act ( 2002 and 2005).


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