Global Decision-Making

At a global level, what model of decision-making should an emerging system of economic governance adopt? It will have to draw on lessons from regional and national levels and from business organizations where inflexible, centralized command-and-control structures have been shown to be unsustainable. Multi-layered decision-making systems are emerging that depend on consultation, consensus, and flexible 'rules of the game'. Intergovernmental organizations, however, still face basic questions as to who should set the rules and according to what principles.


Successful anti-corruption programs depend on publicly available information, political leadership, and collective action. By stressing these components, WBI's anticorruption program is able to respond to client-country demand for assistance and provide innovative, action-oriented programs. These programs are based on a new approach to doing business in which the client is empowered to be in the driver's seat without lending-related conditionality. Our learning products in anti-corruption include:

Enhancing democracy: A White Paper on Governance in the European Union

Promoting new forms of European governance is one of the Prodi Commission's four strategic priorities. "Governance" can be best understood as the rules, processes and practices that affect how powers are exercised at the European level.

On this site the European Commission presents its White Paper on European Governance to the wider public. The Paper contains a set of Recommendations on how to enhance democracy in Europe and increase the legitimacy of the institutions.

The Commission organizes a process of consultations on the proposals of the White Paper. You are invited to contribute to the debate,... 





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