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Welcome to the Canadian Overseas Development Council's information exchange services. 

Our commitment is to promote Canada as a valued partner in the creation of open and thriving information societies through

  • physical and virtual access to Canadian information and knowledge resources through the world,
  • creation and participation in local, regional and global knowledge networks to ensure that Canadian ideas and expertise are widely shared with our overseas viewers,
  • training, consultancies, workshops and seminars in the information and knowledge sector.
In all areas of activity the Council aims to work in partnership with Canadian and international libraries  and information society organizations and individuals.

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The Canadian Chief Information Officer Branch (CIOB) has established a Web site to communicate information about Canadian governmental programs and services and make information available to the public. 




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The Canadian Overseas Development Council and it's associate NGO organizations are providing a wide range of International Assistance Programs.  Registered in Canada under N.S and Ontario Societies Act ( 2002 and 2005).


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