Information and Knowledge Management  

The COSC International Institute for Change Management (IICM) is a Strategic Partnership between academic institutions, corporate management experts and third-sector specialists. This mixture of knowledge, experience and know-how is utilized to address stress conditions within our changing society, the effects and problems with organizational change in governments, corporations and civic organizations and overcoming resistance to change.

Who is PBSC

The acquisition, previously announced on November 7, 2001 has resulted in a merger of PBSC (Canadaís leading IT training company) with the business of BROADleaf Technology Solutions, the training and consulting division within CrossOff.

Under the terms of the agreement, CrossOff Incorporated issued 2 million common shares from treasury to IBM. As part of the agreement, Polar Bear Software Corporation will be IBM's preferred source for providing desktop application training to IBM Canada's 19,000 employees. 

To learn more about Polar Bear programs and courses in your area, please contact COSC Office. 

Strategic Partnerships are the backbone of the IIMC programs. While the IICM is the developer and the administrator of the projects, the strategic partners are the content providers. In many cases strategic partners deliver the programs directly.

It is the strategic partner institution that evaluates the participantís academic and internship performance and issues appropriate diplomas or designations. 




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