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North American Institute for Advanced Studies (NAIAS) is a Strategic Partnership between the Canadian and the U.S. academic institutions, law enforcement agencies, corporate management experts and third-sector specialists. This mixture of knowledge, experience and know-how is utilized to address stress conditions within our changing society, the effects and problems with organizational change in governments, corporations and civic organizations and overcoming resistance to change. 

When client needs are identified, an appropriate strategic partner is put in place to provide the client with the necessary consulting, training and solutions to effectively address the client's changing needs.

As well the NAIAS provides assistance to a broad range of international and national (local) non-governmental organizations in developing their educational and training strategies to meet their objectives.


The Board of Directors administers the North American for Advanced Studies. NAIAS is a non-governmental and not-for-profit institution whose objectives are to promote and to advance academic knowledge and practical know-how to public, private and third-sector organizations.

Our training programs are conducted both for groups of in-house practitioners from single government department, corporations or third-sector organizations and in open-registration workshops. Training is intensive, focusing not only on developing program delivery capabilities but also on the depth of mastery and judgment required to meet the highest standards of professionalism in applying powerful knowledge sensitively and effectively for a wide variety of clients and circumstances in addressing organizational change.

We accomplish these objectives together with our strategic partners, who are selected for their specialized expertise; to deal with a specific needs of our clients.  

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Knowledge is something you learn. 
Wisdom is something you acquire.
University College of Security Management in Kosice
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