Who we are

The Canadian Overseas Council was established to connect with people worldwide and present them with learning opportunities and creative ideas from Canada and build lasting relationships between Canada and other countries.

Our purpose

The Canadian Overseas Council deals with English and French Language Teaching, Education and Training, Arts, Literature and Design, Science and Health, Canadian Finance and Business Opportunities, Governance and Society, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration,  Know-How and Technology Transfer,  Information and Knowledge Management. 

In addition CODC provides assistance to a broad range of international and national (local) governments and non-governmental organizations in developing their educational and training strategies to meet their objectives.




     Butterfly 208 essay contest for Canadian youth. The contest runs from February 22nd through June 7th, of each year. 
How can we assist you?
Together with our associate, trough CODC Canadian advisers, we can provide you with practical advice, training, and up-to-date information that will assist you in achieving the goals you have set for your business or organization in the following areas:  
Services Classification 

- Government Services: defense industry, policing, government ministries, waist disposal and other municipal administration services; - Educational Services: university, schools, training institutes, libraries; - Financial Services: bank, insurance, real estate; - Health and Social Services: hospitals, clinics; - Natural Resources: fishing, forestry, mining; - Utilities: electricity, water and gas; - Agribusiness: crops, livestock, food processing; - Transportation: railways, airports, shipping, trucking; - Trade: retail / wholesale, department stores, export / import; - Tourism: restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, museums, art galleries, tourism bureaus, sports related activities; - Business Services: computer, consulting, accounting, architecture; - Manufacturing: printing, chemicals, furniture, plastics, food processing; - Food and Beverage / Hospitality: restaurants, cafeteria, hotel;  - Not for Profit Organizations: community groups, associations.



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The Canadian Overseas Development Council and it's associate NGO organizations are providing a wide range of International Assistance Programs.  Registered in Canada under N.S and Ontario Societies Act ( 2002 and 2005).


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